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Qualifying Questions:
1. Does your customer currently use any cloud-based service/applications?
If so, who is/are the provider(s)?
2. What is the total number of end users for this opportunity?*
3. How many locations does your customer have?
4. What computer operating systems are used?
5. What are the main software applications your customer utilizes?
6. Is support required for mobile and/or remote users?
7. Does your customer provide their own in-house IT support or is that outsourced?
8. Is your customer currently leveraging any virtualization technology such as VMware?
9. Does the customer's business need to meet regulatory compliance requirements?
10. How much data storage does the company currently utilize?
11. What applications are your customer using today that they are considering moving to the cloud?
12. What type of environment is being considered?
13. What is the budget for a cloud migration?
$ /monthly
14. How long would the projected time frame be for the migration?
15. What type of bandwidth/connectivity does your customer have today, or plan to install?
16. Does your customer require any specific security features from their CSP?
17. Please specify the preferred location of the CSP
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