• Great customer care starts here

    Telegration’s telecommunications customers are happy, satisfied, and they stay with us for the long term. It’s Better Here because we have the right products, process, and people to solve business communications problems for small and mid-sized businesses in any industry. Our support team members drive customer satisfaction every day through unbiased and objective telecom recommendations that fit the requirements and budget of your business.

    Have questions or need help? Telegration Customer Service is available 24/7/365.  In addition to troubleshooting, our customer service team also sends out installation surveys and customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to gauge our effectiveness in serving you.

    Introducing Proactive Customer Service

    Here’s something you don’t expect from your phone company – but which you’ll only receive from Telegration as your single-source provider of telecommunications services. We call it Proactive Customer Service. After 90 days of service, your account team will review your account to ensure you are completely satisfied and obtaining the cost savings you desire. With our sophisticated customer service database, we’ll monitor your account on an on-going basis at no charge to ensure you optimize your telecommunications usage. And we’ll proactively recommend new services or calling plans if they can save you money.

    Our Corporate Account Manager Team

    In addition to your dedicated account team, Telegration has assigned specialized representatives available to assist customers who need quality support on an ongoing basis. Corporate Account Mangers help current customers, as well as assisting customers who are implementing new telecommunications services. The CAM team provides internal support for customers to resolve any issues with Telegration’s service providers.

    Find out why Telegration sets the benchmark for Customer Service in the telecommunications industry. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Telegration customer at 1-800-TEL-GRTN.