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    November 17, 2015

  • Telegration Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

    Celebrating a 25-year anniversary is impressive for any business, but especially so for one working in the ever-changing and challenging telecommunications marketplace. “Telegration was founded on the principle of staying ahead of the inevitable changes in the market and we’ve been able to do that successfully by integrating the best telecommunications and… Read More »

  • Product Spotlight: Hosted PBX

    One of the hottest products in 2015 is hosted private branch exchange (PBX). Currently representing only a small fraction of overall telecommunication revenues, significant growth is expected over the next few years…. Read More »

  • Telegration TelePortal is a game changer

    Searching online for information about provider products, services and plans is challenging in the ever-changing telecommunications industry; there’s a good chance the information or fine print may be outdated. Telegration has made that search process much more efficient… Read More »

  • Telegration Expands Partner Referral Program

    It’s no secret that the worlds of telecom and information technology (IT) are converging. Just as there are Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the telecom industry, there are VARs that resell software, hardware and/or networking products and provide added value in IT. However, one thing is very different: there are approximately 10 times more IT VARs in the United States than there are … Read More »

  • Provider Spotlight

    In every issue of Telegration Talks, we like to highlight a few of our top providers and the services they provide…. Read More »

  • Telegration Launches New Advertising Campaign

    Awareness and familiarity are key drivers of business success in the competitive telecommunications and technology marketplaces. To get the word out about Telegration, the company has been running a series of radio advertisements this spring…. Read More »