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    Your customers and employees expect cable services, whether watching CNN on HDTV in a visitor’s lounge, listening to music-on-hold, or tapping into a broadband guest network to check e-mail in a hotel room. Cable services enable entertainment, information, and 24/7 connectivity with the right people at the right time throughout your business. But there’s more to cable than hooking up a TV or computer. Today’s cable carries the full complement of telecommunications services – voice, TV, HDTV, Internet, music, and more – and can transform business communications with a single connection. But what type of connection is best for your business and budget? Coax? Fiber? Digital cable? Confused about cable? Telegration can clarify your choices and get you connected faster.

    Make the right cable connectivity choices

    Telegration is a master telecom agent with deep experience in working with leading cable providers – Time Warner Cable Business Class, Charter Business, and Comcast. Our knowledgeable representatives will consult with you to determine the right bundle of services, the right bandwidth, and the right provider. We can help you understand the differences between cable coax and fiber, and the benefits of each as they apply to your specific business.

    With Telegration as your trusted value added Solution Provider of cable services, you can be sure of getting a cable solution with round-the-clock speed and reliability, services that grow with your business, and the best customer support in the telecommunications industry. Our cable partners offer a full range of cable business-class services, including:

    • Business-class Ethernet
    • Metro Ethernet solutions
    • Dedicated Internet access
    • Broadband Internet
    • Local and long distance voice
    • HDTV
    • Music on-hold and overhead
    • VPN
    • Data backup
    • Custom web hosting
    • Business Hospitality – data, video and voice
    • Business VoiceEdge Hosted PBX

    Don’t let cable be confusing. Let Telegration show you how to make the right connections for your business.

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