• Why Telegration?

    “It’s Better Here.” From the beginning, that’s what our customers and agents alike say about Telegration. We’re different – and better – as a telecom value added solution provider because we take an unbiased and objective approach to building the best business communications services for our customers. Our support team members are trained to solve your problems and help you make the right decisions. We do everything better because we have the best:

    • Providers – Telegration works with a wide range of premier providers of voice, Internet, data, mobility, cable, and cloud services to meet all local and national telecommunications needs, no matter how diverse or complex
    • Process – Unrivaled back office support and proven processes eliminate the typical inefficiencies and hassles associated with placing orders, tracking, provisioning, and billing
    • People – One-of-a-kind service and support for customers and agents built on close, personal relationships by people who take pride in their work and really care

    More reasons to choose Telegration as your telecom provider

    • Simplicity – Telegration makes telecom easy. As a master agent, we know the providers, their people, and their processes. Our telecom support team members act as your single-source provider to make customized telecom recommendations for your business, order all services, and then streamline the deployment of all of the business communications services you need
    • Save time and money – Telegration does all of the legwork in seeking out, ordering, and provisioning your telecommunications services, so you save valuable time that you can spend on business-critical matters instead. In addition, our channel support managers and sales engineers know our providers’ packages and services inside and out, so they work for you to build the best business communications package at the lowest cost.
    • Unbiased, objective consulting – Telegration is a telecom master agent with solid long-term relationships with AT&T and other leading names in voice, Internet, cable, data, and mobility services. Our unbiased focus is on you and your specific business communications needs – the best fit of technical solution, service level, and price – and not on a “preferred” vendor
    • Single source provider for all industries – Every industry needs telecommunications – and every industry can benefit from our expertise as a telecom master agent and telecom consultant. Telegration is a trusted solution provider for customers in healthcare, engineering, automotive, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and many other industries. We’re better because we tailor business communications services to the unique needs of each industry and each individual business.
    • Respected AT&T® Master Solution Provider– As one of the largest Authorized AT&T® Solution Providers in the United States, Telegration can provide nationwide access to a comprehensive range of cost-effective AT&T services – everything a growing business needs. We are proud to be a telecom master agent with a respected, long-term relationship with this global telecom giant. As a result, we make it easy and cost effective to tap into AT&T’s world-class services and build the right package to solve your telecom problems.
    • Sales engineers that know technology – Our sales engineers are actively involved in the order process. That means the right services get ordered in the right way and there are no major surprises or delays. Sometimes you need a highly qualified engineer to work through telecom challenges and Telegration has them readily available.
    • The best customer service – Telegration has the best customer service in the telecommunications industry. Really. Our customers and agents have told us that every day since Telegration opened its doors. Customer Service is ready to answer questions and solve problems 24/7 every day of the  year. Also, our proactive approach to customer service means that we’ll monitor your account to ensure you’re on the right plan for the best cost savings. That’s another reason why It’s Better Here.

    Telecommunications problems? Telegration can solve them.

    We know that choosing the right telecommunications plans can be overwhelming, time consuming, and confusing. Give your telecom problems to Telegration. It’s our only business and we’re ready to give you our unbiased, objective recommendations. Contact us and we’ll show you why It’s Better Here.